Krishnakulam, follows the tradition of shaping young learners of today into global citizens with a heart for tomorrow. Our aim is to provide holistic education to our students. The practice of conceptual learning and emotional well-being builds a firm foundation and prepares our students for the challenges of life. The school is recognised for its dedication to academic rigour and for its rich activity programme in sports, arts   and culture.

We adopt innovative methodologies that foster understanding and help students to reason out and develop critical thinking and a scientific temperament. We believe that it is only through exchange of ideas that students develop their personal and social values. We help students take ownership for the choices they make and assist them in achieving their personal goals. Extensive facilities are also provided for nurturing and honing their creative skills.

The school, is a center of world class education, where every student matters. Our dedicated and qualified experts encourage the students to strive for academic excellence by providing them with opportunities to develop their potential to the full and guide them to appreciate core human values and cultural diversity.

Krishnakulam nestled in idyllic surroundings ensures that learning is a joyous experience. It is a matter of great pride and a privilege for me to be Head of School.

Er Shubham Godhar
CBSE Resource Person
(B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA)